Natalie began dancing at the age of 5 in Seattle, WA. After moving to LA in 2005 she has worked and trained with some of LA’s finest including Marty Kudelka, Aakomon “AJ” Jones, Amy Allen, Mandy Moore, Rich + Tone Talauega, Lindsey Blaufarb and many others.

Natalie has recently returned from touring with Justin Timberlake as part of the 20/20 Experience World Tour under the direction of Marty Kudelka. Natalie has worked with other artists such as Jason Derulo, Joe Jonas and Avril Lavigne. Natalie also appeared on season 7 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew as a member of Fanny Pak crew in 2011.

Natalie is technically trained in many areas and loves to use her knowledge of body placement and weight transfers to more accurately describe her movement. Natalie’s love for teaching started when it became her favorite part-time job in Seattle at the age of 16. Natalie is always training and believes it is the key to becoming a better dancer, teacher and person everyday.

“There is never a stopping point with art. We must continue to evolve as artists and people to allow our art to expand and flourish.” – Natalie

Nat Stats

  • I was born in Phoenix, AZ… but grew up in Seattle, WA.
  • I took my first dance class at the age of 5.
  • At age 5 I also received my first Looney Tunes purse and it sparked my current love for handbags.
  • I grew up dancing and loved every minute of it.
  • I was a cheerleader and a gymnast at my high school.
  • I had some extremely influential and inspirational teachers growing up that pushed me to pursue my dreams.
  • I joined a team called Boogiezone “Breed” in high school and that was the start of my love for hip hop.
  • My very first part-time job was at ColdStone Creamery…  (and yes i sang for my tips)
  • I worked at Starbucks for almost 4 years to support myself in Seattle and also the first couple years in LA.
  • I also worked for Jamba Juice :]
  • My first professional job as a dancer was for Avril Lavigne.
  • I have a 13 yr old brother and he is a shinning light in my life every single day.
  • My mom and my grandma raised me…they have taught me to be amazingly strong and independent.
  • I looooove cheesecake and coffee.  (separately or together)
  • I have a small group of close friends and I like it that way.
  • I love all animals and kids.
  • I have a weakness for a great set of manicured nails.
  • And as long as I got my suit and tie… I’ma leave it all on the floor tonight.
  • Haha just wanted to see if you even read down this far.
  • If you did I’m glad that you find me somewhat interesting.
  • I’m learning to play the ukulele.
  • I’m not very good at sports except maybe beach volleyball :]
  • I love a starry night.
  • I love the sound of rain.
  • I’m soo very grateful every single day to be able to do what I love and am passionate about for work.
  • I hope to inspire many to pursue their dreams with the story of my journey.
  • It was NOT easy but SOOO worth it thus far.