Cologne, Germany!

In News by Natalie

We just finished our 2nd show in Cologne, Germany! The energy is crazy here in Europe. Different from the U.S. shows… all the arenas here have General Admission sections. It’s a bunch of people all in standing room which makes it soo intense. Some of those people line up outside of the arena to be the first few in the door, hours and hours before the doors even open. Then once they all flood into the venue, they all rush to the front to get the best spots in the standing room area.

It  makes the energy in the venue soo different. The people who are closest to the stage are the biggest fans which means they are the most excited to be there and they are the ones that I can connect with most. All of them crammed up against the guardrail and not taking their eyes of the stage for anything. They are soo engaged… it’s one of the best feelings.

I was able to have some friends from LA come to the show tonight as well. A couple guys that did ABDC with me and it was soo fun to have them be able to see it. It’s a crazy feeling to have people in your life long enough to watch you go through different chapters. Each chapter of life fusing your friendship threads just a little more with each memory. I’m such a sucker for memories. I love doing my best to remember every little detail that I can when it comes to people that matter in my life.

Overall, we are off to a great start with this European leg. We recently hopped back onto some tour buses which makes the traveling aspect a little easier and much more comfortable.

Time and time again I am reminded of how blessed and grateful I am. Justin started asking everyone to pull out their lighters and cell phones during “Until the end of Time” recently and just a few nights ago, I was brought to tears just watching all the lights in the arena. Reminding me of how many people watch me express myself in my truest form every other night! It’s incredible to think that what I do inspires others and in turn also inspires me to keep doing my best.