Last Week in Las Vegas…

In News by Natalie

I had a moment just last week in Las Vegas when I thought to myself that I’m going to one day be very nostalgic hearing most of Justin’s greatest hits. Some people ask me if I get sick of hearing the same songs night after night and honestly I can’t say that I do. I know that doing the same show night after night can get repetitive… but I try and check  myself as often as possible to constantly remind myself of the current blessing that is my job. The people I work with inspire me so much and I need to be soaking up as much of this energy as possible. I can only function creatively when I am inspired. It’s hard to find inspiration sometimes when you feel like your life is in fast forward. Sometimes it feels like we pop into a city and this big flash of light happens, then I dance with all my might … and BAM it’s on to the next!

I try to always take a moment for myself and realize that a lot of this is going to fly by. It already has. One of the things I wanted to get better at in the new year was to stay in the NOW as often as possible. Being a Capricorn I tend to spend a lot of thought on what my next move will be. I like to prepare and know what’s around the corner just in case I have to make any sudden movements. I’m realizing more and more with each year that passes that I am here because I worked hard and believed in myself at that time, given the circumstances that were handed to me. (As some would say “the hand you were dealt.”)

I know that there are many things that I want for my future. And there are also things I have right now that have a timeline… like the end of this tour. Knowing that there will never be another one like it. I think about it often and remember to cherish every minute  and always do my best to document it somehow for my kids someday. I’m not the best at remembering to take pictures. But I always say that I keep them all in my head. I do like writing a lot. It’s like therapy for me. I either blog on the computer or hard copy it in my journal. I don’t write everyday… well I guess it depends on my life that week! haha

I’m putting the puzzle pieces together to paint the bigger picture that the Lord has for me. 😀 The bottom line is that I am grateful everyday for the opportunities that have presented themselves in my life thus far. I don’t know any other way to express it except for praying it back to HIM and sharing it with all of you. Hopefully spreading hope and joy in the process of telling the story. Some amazing things have come from the journey. Some not so amazing 😀 but all of it is part of the story. I know that and embrace all of it with the faith that this too shall pass. Sometimes I daydream about what my future will all look like, because I”m curious. I always have been. But this here is currently my life. Up and down, in and out and all around the world. I accept it fully with all of it’s craziness included.