My JTversary! :]

In News by Natalie

My JTversary :] I wrote a quick diddy about this on Instagram but I figured it would be a great post to elaborate a little bit…not to mention a huge milestone memory for not only my career but my life!

I had just worked on the Suit n Tie music video in January as an extra on the dance floor in the theater scene.  I remember being on set for the video and just silently watching him work, thinking to myself “wow…this is someone that I MUST work for more”  There was all this anticipation for the release of Part 1 of the 20/20 Experience, and he had also given the performance of a lifetime on the Grammys just weeks after that. I remember feeling thankful and grateful knowing that I had at least gotten to be in the same room as him and absorb some of his work ethic and talent before my very two eyes.

Back to Feb 27th… I was with a group of girls filming a video for my friend Zack Latimore. He was doing a short concept video of one of his combos for youtube. It was later in the afternoon and I remember I had had kind of a long day. I don’t remember all the details of that day but I know that I was tired. We had such a blast filming that night. There was an amazing group of talented women in there.

During one of our little breather breaks in between takes I glanced at my phone to find an email and two missed calls from my agent. I went straight to the email who’s subject was ” ! ”  The email read:
“Checking your avail to fly to NY on Monday to do Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon.  Not sure of exact return but it may not be until March 16th.  He’s performing on Fallon every night 11 thru 15 and we’re not sure which nights he’ll use dancers. Also – please keep this kind of quiet for now.”

I didn’t know what to do!! Immediately I asked Zack if I could step out to make an important phone call. Called my agent back and confirmed confirmed confirmed that I was available and willing to get to New York as quickly as possible. I remember on my way back to the room where we were filming I did a quick jump with a short scream attached to it and then proceeded to play it cool the whole rest of the shoot. Hahahaha I was bursting at the seams… couldn’t quite keep it together but I did. Went home and told my mom over Skype… we both cried! and then slowly over the next couple days I started telling some of my closest friends.

But THAT day will forever be a vivid memory. I didn’t get the tattoo till some time in April but I knew I needed that date somewhere permanent. I had the girl at the tattoo shop take the bow tie from the album art and blow it up just a little to match the side of my arm. :] It is the date of my JTversary and I can’t wait to tell my kids and grandkids all about  it.  [><]