In News by Natalie

PHEW! what a journey these past couple days have been. We had a little hic-up in the schedule. Bossman got really sick the day before our first scheduled show at Madison Square Garden. Soo bad that we had to move the first show over two days. It was the first time in the history of his career that he’s had to cancel a show. Definitely one for the books. Also, the following day he was scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to open up his first week as the new host. Annnnd of course… this magic man somehow pulled it ALL off!! Did 2 shows and a TV show in 2 days :] The energy in that place was beyond a lot of things that I’ve ever seen or experienced. He also sent out a big apology to the crowd of people that came back on the Friday after their Wednesday show had been cancelled. He told them that he “owed each and every one of them”… they lost it. It was truly an emotional ride for all of us,  and amazing to think how greatly affected everyone becomes when one man is sick. All of his management, band, dancers and singers. Everyone shuts down and worries just a bit about him. We are officially a family and we all felt it this last weekend.

He has always been inspiring to me, but his work ethic and the amount of drive that he has when it comes to his career is on another level. It’s something that I strive for and look up to. I don’t think that there are many artists who love “it” as much as he does. Like ACTUALLY love every second of it, and no matter how sick they are… their craft is what gives them the strength to keep going. Although my opinion might be a little bias, I have learned through my personal journey that success is strongly measured by your amount of passion and hard work. It’s never represented by what award you win or how many people “talk” about your work. Bossman always quotes the Drake song “Trophies” when he says “…and they don’t have no award for that.” The work you put in is usually what you will get back. As boss would say… what goes around comes around. :] Thank You New York City for an unforgettable weekend.