Paris, France

In News by Natalie

This show was INCREDIBLE. The Stade de France holds about 83,000 people and I would say that is was pretty close to a sold out show! It was a rainy day all day and there were fans lined up outside the stadium in ponchos and umbrellas just waiting for the chance to get inside. It rained for most of the day up until about an hour before the show started. The stadium is open at the top so even once the fans were inside there was nothing they could do to beat the rain. Soon as it stopped raining our dj took the stage and got the crowd excited all over again. It was a scary day… we didn’t know if the bridge was going to be able to travel out to the B stage if it was raining at that time. It was unpredictable and we all had our fingers crossed for a dry show. It rained for about a song and a half and the rest went just as planned!! Everyone was ecstatic that it went well. We had moments on stage where we were alerting each other of wet spots and small dangers… it was almost as if it unified us a little more and made us more aware of every second of the show. I took this picture right at the top of Cry Me a River. When we come up on the bands lifts i was able to bring my phone and snap a quick one then set it back on the lift for when I would return at the end of the song. It was something i will never ever forget. Merci France!