Phoenix, AZ

In News by Natalie

We just hit the stage in Phoenix. Now we’re on the bus to Dallas. Tonight we drive for 16 hrs. We have a 2nd driver on board so that we don’t have to stop throughout the night. It was a super fun show. We also did the first 2020 MVMT workshop here. Classes were awesome and we got to work with some amazing kids that were eager and soo excited to learn all day long. Some of those kids got to come see the show tonight and I’m hoping that they left inspired. We’ve really gotten into a groove with the show lately. Guess you could say we’ve let the groove get in…haha bad joke.

Tour life is something to touch on for a second. It’s insane how quickly we all become a family. Great group of people in the same environment night after night and just enjoying life and our job with shared passions for life. You’d say it’s a picture perfect scenario. But always with the ups come a few downs here and there. Personally, I find that I am a human that needs a decent amount of alone time. (maybe it’s just an age thing, that as I get older the more alone time i need haha) but either way it’s crazy how much some silence can change my mood. I love every single human on this job as if they were my family but there always comes a time when that silence in the hotel room is the biggest therapy that I could ask for. Or even just a 20 minute Skype session with my 13 yr. old brother. The sanity that fills me after the phone gets passed around at the house in Seattle is incomparable.

Back to the show… tonight we witnessed Justin’s  first brain fart moment. At the beginning of the show he said “Las Vegas are you ready?… wait…where we at?” haha whoops! We just came from Vegas and he just had a moment. I mean, with a new city every other day I’m sure that people can see how something like that might get confused or mixed up. But still none the less it was quite funny for all of us. Sometimes I watch how he works and how often and am amazed. Even on  our days off, he’s usually doing some type of press or promotion of some sort and I sometimes view him as a bit invincible…some kind of a superhero. But moments like that remind me that he’s woven from the same threads and is simply a human like the rest of us. I like those reminders. It reminds me that he had a dream, a goal or a thought and worked hard enough to make it happen. Reminds me to reflect on my own journey too. Reminds me that I had a dream, a goal and a thought and also made it happen. We are all here on the same earth … breathing the same air… with the same amount of hours in our days. Don’t loose sight of what you see and there is always room for dreams.

My life has been full of ups and downs at all times. I guess that’s what life is about. I love every puzzle piece in my puzzle. If it wasn’t for every single little piece then I wouldn’t who I am or where I am today. I’m in love with my life and all the people that have come about. I realized recently how much life is about relationships. Life wouldn’t be life if it wasn’t for the relationships that you make and share with others. The interactions are what make the memories. It’s what you do in that place or who you are with in that place with that make it so special. These people and all the people in each city… make up this fairytale that I’m in right now. I can’t explain it any other way. It’s euphoric… it’s a feeling of completeness. With it… i want to spread as much love and inspiration as I possibly can. I want every person that I make eye contact with the smile and maybe dance some in their seat.

Tonight I looked down from when I travel across on the bridge and I saw a young girl probably in row 15 on the floor. She had a long ponytail and cute glasses with black frames. She was just waving at me. Not screaming or jumping but waving with a smile on her face. I saw her and immediately stopped and both waved and smiled back at her. I’ll probably never know her name or why her wave was so tender in that moment…but she did and it will be a memory forever. Thank You to her… it was perfect. Just spread the love! That’s ultimately what life is about.

Thank You Phoenix for a memorable show…I will never forget it.