Show #100!

In News by Natalie

Tonight was our 100TH show of the tour since we set out in November. And it just so happens that we were graced with the amazing presence of the man and the creator of the show itself… Mr. Marty Kudelka. Marty is not only my boss but also a friend. I have learned soo much from him and it was truly an honor to share the stage with him tonight. I have some fond memories of dancing with him. The first time was at an IHeart Radio special that Ryan Seacrest hosted at the El Rey Theater in LA. That was in MARCH of 2013! Like I said in my previous post… everything is flying by. Looking back I can’t picture it any differently. It’s truly been a dream come true. Tonight was quite magical. Getting to watch Justin and Marty share the stage again is something that I enjoy. They have been friends and associates for soo long. I have also learned that it’s very hard to mix business and personal relationships in this industry… but these two do it well. They are a dream team of men that have kind, humble hearts and it shows in their successes and in the amazingness that they have created together. I also see it as an element of loyalty in it’s finest form. To constantly celebrate with those that have helped you all along the way.

This show was a music festival called V-Fest! 1000,000 people were predicted to be in attendance and although the temperature was pretty low, we made sure to warm it up for the UK. 😀  It’s been an amazing ride and I can’t believe that we’ve been touring for 11 months already. I am so honored to share the stage night after night with such talented individuals. Truly a dream within a dream.

Immediately after the show they drove us dancers back to the dressing room area in a golf cart because it was quite a walk from the stage. I was facing backwards on the cart. The whole thing felt like a movie. There was no one in front of me so everything was in plain view and it felt like everything was going in rewind. I felt the cool damp air all over my skin taking my body temperature down with every second that passed. I took many deep breaths remembering that I am so incredibly blessed to be doing what I love.  I am constantly reminded of the greatness that is surrounding me and allowing me to be me and live out a lifelong dream.