Third Leg of the Tour

In News by Natalie

And just like that we’re back at it. :] Had a little 2 week break and now we’re getting back in the swing of things. Started our 3rd leg of the tour in Fargo North Dakota. BRRRRR!! Negative temperatures at night doesn’t make for the most comfortable travel experience…but luckily we didn’t have any delays or crazy set backs getting in and out of the city.

Now we’re in St. Paul, Minnesota! Show #32 tonight. Lindsay and I were having dinner at the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel last night and ended up having a drink at the bar afterward. There was a gentleman by the name of John whom we met while watching the basketball game and after chatting for a while we found out that he was at the same hotel for business. John is an optometrist :] We learned that he had kids and a loving wife whom he met in college and they both work in optometry.

Lindsay was chatting back and fourth with one of the tour managers trying to see if he could still buy tickets… ( the show was that next day ) and sure enough we were able to get him and his wife tickets!! They got babysitters for the kids and his wife drove two hours from Alexandria to come meet him in St. Paul for the show! :] He said that it was going to be an early Valentines Day and Birthday celebration. He said their birthdays were close together and not too long ago.

Brought us all so much joy to be able to give that small but large gift to a deserving couple. We got to meet John’s wife Melissa the night of the show and they both couldn’t stop thanking us. After the show and the next day we made it Facebook official and Lindsay even got an email from John’s travel agent whom had heard the story and told Lindsay that both John and his wife are amazing people and we couldn’t have picked a better duo to treat :]

SUCCESS once again in more ways than one. My job can be so fulfilling for me personally but times like those remind me that giving back is even more rewarding. We are all on the same earth and are equals when you strip away the material things. #reminders