Two Shows Down!

In News by Natalie

Soo far we’ve had 2 amazing shows!! Barclays in Brooklyn, NY and XL Center in Hartford, CT. Both crowds were amazing and together we partied into the night.

One of the more memorable moments of the show is the first time that I get to see the whole arena during Rock Your Body. I get to come up on a lift with Dana and I have one of the best views ever. Reminds me how many people are sharing that specific night with me and that there will never be another one just like it. Every show will be the same but with new energies and unique in it’s own particular way.

Before our first show in Brooklyn… Justin told the whole group before prayer “Don’t be good, be great!” He also said that he never thought he would tour like this again and so he thanked us for our hard work and told us to take the show one song at a time. He is truly an inspiration to me in soo many ways. Not only as an artist but also a human. I was placed here for a reason. To perform and express but also to love and to grow as a person. I am learning so much not only about my job, but also about life.