United Kingdom!

In News by Natalie

Had two amazing shows in London!! Got to meet Jessie J after the second show and she said she absolutely loved everything about the show. Also had the amazing Tom Ford in the audience that night! I was excited that he was finally able to see the show and his whole vision come alive on stage.  London is a beautiful city and the girls and I got to do some exploring the day that we arrived. We will be returning in June and I’m excited for another go-round. The crowd was very loud on both nights! We are now in Glasgow, Scotland. We took a train from London and that was a fun and new way to travel for me. There was a lot of green fields filled with cows, horses and sheep!! Baaahhhh 😀

Got to do some exploring in Scotland! Took a train trip to go see the Edinburgh Castle! It was a fun thing to see some of the old swords and suits of armor. Also the old cannons and crowned jewels. It was definitely the first castle I’ve ever explored :]

Ready for two rockin back to back shows here… then we move onto Manchester and Birmingham to round out this first stretch of UK dates!! Life on the road is speedy and hectic. Travel days can get be rough on the body too… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world right now.

Hoping this entry finds you all in great spirits and hopefully smiling at some point throughout your day.

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