Welcome Back Tennessee Kids!!

In News by Natalie

When I tell you that I absorbed every LAST little drop of my vacation… I MEAN it.  They were some of the best 25 days i’ve spent thus far just resting and enjoying life the way that it has been brought to me right now. I had some great friends and family time in Seattle and then got to take a short 6 days in LA to see my other family there!! I call them the “chosen family” because they are the people that were chosen for me to help me get through this journey the way that I have thus far. It’s something that no one but me and them will understand and I value that with everyday that passes and that I get to see them and love on them!! I did a little instagram series of things that made me happy!! #nat425days … it was one thing a day that would make my heart smile. It made me think long and hard about what I would put my good energy into that day. I loved it!! Also did a ton of yoga and read some great books! I had the best time just centering myself completely. I felt both mentally and physically rested upon my return.

Now we are back in action!! We’ve hit Buffalo, Charlotte, Baltimore, Albany, Uncasville and Boston!! Having a blast already and we are only a little over a week into this leg of the tour! Thank You to the many crowds for giving us your energy to keep ours up and always running.

I realize that even when I’m in ANY kinda mood at the beginning of my day… if I do the show that night… everything changes. I immediately find the closest thing I know to a happy place. It’s my favorite time of day that doesn’t have to do with the weather. It’s one of the most special things that I’ve done thus far. There will never be another.  This is truly an experience … I have come to know the term “experience of a lifetime.”  It’s an overwhelming reminder that I have worked soo hard and come to something that is soo near and dear to my heart. I am living every moment as if it were my last. With open arms and an open heart. It’s the only way to be. More and more i realize that you can plan and plot all you want but nothing compares to the plan the is already laid out for you.  SURRENDER control of the situations that fill you with worry and doubt and you will feel more complete and at peace.  You will flow with life and there is no better feeling!